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Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Subject:GoF liek whoa
Time:8:53 am.

my mom and gramma took me yesterday. annz was all "nah nah" cuz she got stay home on friday and go see it but mom says school is "more important" than harry potter! sheis so wrong! HA HAH HA

the movie was great! dan radclifffe is so good, liek so much better, hes got a nice chest HAHAHAHA teh bath with myrtle so funny

they cut stuff but the didnt cut the dumb stuff. like the fight hermione has with ron. they shouldhave cut that. its dumb. but its in the movie. and they totally didnt have hermione do anything. she just stood there. movie three was better, hermione got to show how coolio cool she is. here shes all Im so scared Im so scared. whatever. lame.

so the first task was scary. the dragon breaks its chain but it doesnt do that in the book so its movie stuff. but it was kinda lame they made her die and that was mean. and harry was like all im so coo in the common room. that was dumb, but the screaming egg was funny. they cut dobby out but hes important and they could have cut out some other dumb stuff instead. it just really dragged throuhg the yule ball and fight. the action and stuff was better and some was funny.

harry and hermione were so hott. shes all coming down the steps and hes all liek wow. he knows shes pretyy and more than cho! lolz at the end hermione was going to cry on harry but thye cut it. lame. they gave us the pictures and then their all like nah nah, you cant see them in the movie. lame. like double lame. but she kissed him. she kissed harry so coo. so like coo. hermiones like the first thing he hears wakeup!wakeup! and shes the last one he talks to. hes all Ill write, hermione. and rons like i wont. cuz rons a jerk. but shes holding harry's hand in the tent and she hugged him!!!! so cool. theyre so great 2thr.

krum was cool. and when he came to pick up hermione she was all like eeeee and me too iwouldhave done that. andwhenthe girls goafter krum on the lake and he smiles at her and it was so coo.

neville was great. he was going ive killed HARRY POTTER. lolz and ginny was all like nice except when she was yelling at frend and geroge. neville and ginny shuld have gotten 2thr. theyrcute.

voldemort in the grveyardwas SCARY. theactor was creepy. he was all like my skin is beautiful and i'm putting my feet on his face. gross! and his feet were dirty and gross.

i thought they were mean to cedric. they didnt make him as nice as he was spoosed to be. that wasnt right. and snape wasnt mean enough. hes spoosed to be MEAN. and hes all liek bad boys stop talking. bad bad bad.

movie was cool and some parts bad. but good.

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Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Subject:suagr quill beyotchs
Time:11:07 pm.
Mood: pissed off.

annz all sugar quill liek im so rite. and they just make fun of us & R mean. but i can get them bck

i asked and someone gaeve me this so beyotches ha. there all like ''we so nice never say bad on nowon.'' right. whores.

The Secret of 87, in Layman's Terms

Back in late 2000 some of the founders of the Sugar
Quill (notably Zsenya, Moey and Elanor Gamgee aka
Cap'n Kathy) were all members of a discussion group,
HP4GU or "Harry Potter for Grown Ups" (aka GRUMPS).
Another member of that forum was Ebony aka AngieJ. She
also went by the names Ebony Elizabeth Thomas and
Ebonyink. I'll call her "Ebony." She was a H/Hr
supporter, but announced that she was interested in
writing a R/hr fic. Initially, the SQ gals and Ebony
seemed to be good friends and supportive of her

Some time in late 2000/early 2001 Ebony started her
fic, "Trouble In Paradise" (hence "tip" clues,
"paradise" clues). Originally she posted it on FF.Net,
but removed her story in mid-2001 and posted in at the
(then brand new) FictionAlley. But perhaps the best
place to find the fic is on Ebony's own Yahoo!group,
HP_Paradise. The fic is incredibly long and I've been
told you don't need to read it all to learn the
meaning of 87. But it was this fic that started all
the fuss.

Ebony set her story ten years after the defeat of
Voldemort, when Ron and Hermione were married. To cut
a long (and stupid) story short, she broke the couple
up. Hermione (surprise, surprise) ran to Harry for
comfort. Ron (a philanderer throughout the fic) wound
up in the arms of a character called Maureen Ludlam.

The reason that the SQ professors hate this fic so
much is because "Maureen Ludlam" was based entirely on
Moey's real life identity, including her name, where
she was born and educated, and her physical
description. I believe Moey originally agreed to a
"cameo" in the fic, but had no idea how Ebony would
use (abuse?) her identity. You can get a clear picture
of how much the SQ professors at the time dislike the
fic if you read the minutes of the first and second SQ
summits, which you'll find via the Gringotts Vault
link on the SQ homepage.

To understand all the clues, you can read chapter
nine, titled Lady Marmalade ("jelly" clues, "jam"
clues). In chapter nine, Maureen Ludlam is revealed as
Ron Weasley's lover and mother of his illegitimate
child ("slut" clues, "baby" clues). It is also
revealed that Hermione and Harry had a pre-marital
affair that she was memory-charmed into forgetting
(Moey's "memory-charmed" clues).

Moey's haiku refers to Ebony previously bearing a
series of other names.

The Holy Grail is a post from Ebony, which you can
still find on her Yahoo!group, HP_Paradise. When Ebony
posted notices that new chapters were ready, she
included "cookies" -- ficlets or previews of coming
chapters. You'll notice the Masters referred to
"cookies" a lot.


On May 5, 2001, Ebony posted the following:

"For Eb so loved the Paradisers,
That she gave away her ticket to "The Mummy Returns"
And has several off-line friends really mad at her,
She doesn't care... for a few of her poor fandom
friends only have
one finger left on the cliff.

(And you thought *you* had issues. ;-))

I'm so pleased that the Chapter That Would Not End is
now in the hands of my beta-readers. 87 pages...
they're going to scream whenever they get around to
opening their mail. <eg> Will post whenever a majority
get back to me. Don't expect miracles, though...
it's spring, it's nice outside, and there are good
movies afoot.
And... tomorrow's CINCO DE MAYO! (tosses her Thalia CD
into the changer)

Anyway... on to the fun stuff.

Chapter 9's title is "Lady Marmalade". Yes, I was
inspired by the current remake of the old Patti
Labelle (I think) song. Direct reference to the most
important--and most featured--female character in this
section of the fic.

Chapter nine of TiP, 87 pages in betaing, the chapter
that never ends."

And the final element/clue is that Elanor/Kathy is
responsible for pointing this out (Kathy's "every
post" clue).

Of course, seeing 87 in that context makes it very
"obvious" that it's a diss. Reading the chapter of the
story makes it very clear that this is the chapter so
objected to and horrifying that it requires all this

There you are. The Secret of 87.
Stupid, isn't it?

so thats yr big thanng. oo u so coo

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Monday, September 5th, 2005

Time:12:29 pm.

annz a dork. she sooooo doesnt get that harry and hermoine r supposed to be 2gethr. shes all like ron ron ron. ron is so lame. hes just dumb and hes not brave and hes just lame. i dont get why hermoine wants him. its so dumb.

im getting annz to read trouble in paradise. its so brill.


its so cool. annz will read it and be like your soooooo rite. ron is so lame and harry is so rite and hermoine will be so dumb if she doesnt get with harry.


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Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Time:11:48 pm.
Mood: fun.

A bit of everything

Created by mamasmurf and taken 1852 times on Bzoink

Namesarah r.
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorbrown
Zodiac signareis
Heritage/nationalitygerman i think
Person your named aftergrandma
People you live withmom
Bandgreen day
TV Showlost!!!!!!
Video Gamebejewled i know its dumb
Room in the housemine
Cuss Wordi dont swear ;o
Animalmy cat spitty
Pizza Toppingpeppreoni
CDsoooo many
Gumbig red
Late night activityreading fanfic
Candycharlston chew
Songsoooooo many
Starbucks beveragewhite choclate mocha sooooo goooood
Are you for or Against...
Drunk Drivingagainst
Legalizing Drugsokay
Death Penaltyfor for for for for
Illegal immigrantsagainst
Premarital sexaganst
Clothes on dogsso lame
School UniformsAGAINST!!!!!
Public Schoolsok
Gay Marrageagainst
Interracial Relationshipsagainst
Arranged Marriagesagainst
Gun controlagainst
Organic Farmingwtf
Affirmative actionagainst
Britney Spearsok
Chuck Taylor'swtf
Genetically Modified cropswtf
Tommy Hilfigerok
The Atkins Dietlame
Victoria's Secret modelslame
The funny oneannz
The weird onewade
The dumbassi did not make this up mr.s m!!!
The nerdmicheal e
The rockerdavid h
The crazy oneannz
The drama Queensidney
The athletejeff s
The writernaoimi
The poetdinesha
The shy onedinesha
The prepchris l
The prom queenkristin k
The rebelchad
The druggiechad
This or That
Jello or Puddingpudding
AIM or MSNmsn
hotmail or yahoohotmail
Carpet or hardwoodcarpet hardwd sucks
Cats or Dogscats
Fish or miceyuk
Wine or beernever had any
Abercrombie or Hot TopicHHOTT!!!!
Cake or piepie pecan
Kisses or hugshugs
Golf or Pokerlame
Shower or bathbath
Kinky or notnot
Independent Films or Big Company Filmsbig
Spoons or Forkssporks
Do you...
Drink diet popno
Eat a lot of junk foodsome
Watch soap opraslame
Watch CSIcool
Wear make upsome
Take napswkends
Own a cell phonew/camra
Have a jobno
When was the last time you
Had sexNOT
Went to the mallyestrdy
Went into a chat roommom wont let me do chat
Drank alcoholdinner @ grammas
Went bowlinggrammas bday
Had a sleep overi was little
Got arrestedNOT
Watched a pornSO NOT
Stared in a pornSO SO NOT
Went to the movieswkend
Told someone a secretwkend
Gave someone a giftgrammas bday
Had a gift given to youjuly
Brushed your teethlastnite
Died your hairnot
Gave adviceyestrdy
Word Association
Ice Cuberapper

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Time:4:54 am.
Mood: blank.

im here111

name is anns fault. n00b keyboard. shift liek omg dont work =shakes fist=. little thingie key for saying wont wont work. whats it called/ but so cool. im like, loving class cuz i get to do lj in class111 nd keyboard works at school so thats okay but i had to set this up at home. by this morning and im soooooooo late. and moms keyboardsucks.

bad ann for teh name. lol



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